Swaggin' & Waggin' Services

Swaggin' & Waggin' Services

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Free of charge 

Our team will meet with you in your home, answer any questions you may have and discuss which services will best suit your schedule and your pets needs.

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drop in

drop in

30 minute walk & Playtime 

 tbd based on location / needs

We will provide your pet with a quick visit that includes a stroll around the block

or a backyard let out, whichever you

are most comfortable with.

Our team will provide a short play time, fresh water refill, any of their favorite treats at the owners request.

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pet taxi 

Pet taxi 

roll with the swaggin' & Waggin' crew

15.00 per one way

Does your pet need a lift? Sometimes 

there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all - let us help make it possible. 

whether your pet needs dropped off at the kennel, groomer or vet we can accommodate a ride.

*any additional accommodations will be subject to an upchrge (i.e. waiting at the vet, groomer etc..

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three visits over the course of 24 hrs


this is a great alternative to a kennel. your pet can stay safely & comfortably at home. we will assign a team member for each day to visit and play with your pet. this will include a total of three visits: morning, mid day and evening. we will work with your routine schedule to include feedings, walks and play time. 

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Overnight in home 

Overnight in home

overnight stays to assist with Anxiety


some pets struggle with separation anxiety. with the in home overnight option, you won't have to worry while you are away. one of our qualified team members will stay in your home with your pet. they will be in good hands and won't skip a beat in their daily routines. 

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rescue transport

rescue transport 

tbd / situation based

are you a non-profit or an individual looking to rescue an animal from the shelter? let us help during the transportation process. please reach out directly to discuss options. 

as of 2020 rescue transports have been made along the se coast & tx